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Artist’s Statement:

Life is a “Feeling Experience”. We all live to feel. A lifelong pursuit of happiness. We just want to be happy. People may forget the things you have done, but they will never forget the way you made them feel. Collect moments of happiness. View Life as a Gift.

The Best Gift Ever.

Life Lessons we can learn from dogs to achieve true happiness:

1)- Love Unconditionally- If a dog can do it, you can too. A Love that Exists "Just Because".

2)- Forgive & Forget- Not everybody received the proper training. Let it go.

3)- Let Love Find You- Someone will adopt you and love you forever.

4)- Stay Loyal- Never bite the hand that pets or feeds you.

5)- Get Plenty of Rest- Naps are awesome.

6)- Live in the Moment- Life is too short to worry about things that no longer exist or things that may never happen.

7)- Be Passionate- Whether it’s chewing your favorite bone or chasing squirrels. Whatever your thing is, do it with passion.

8)- The Best Things in Life are FREE- Love, long walks outside, companionship: All priceless.

9)- But Treats are Still Important- Treat yourself. Treat someone else. You deserve it! Periodically indulge in a treat and

savor the moment.

And Most Importantly….

10)- Make Other People Happy- Make Someone’s Day. Every Day. For The Rest of Your Life. Wag your tail when you see

them. It will make your day in the process.

And that’s why I chose Pet Portraiture as my life’s main artistic focus. Our pets give us the priceless gift of a better quality of life. They are the perfect gift. Every time you see their face, it will remind you of the love you both share and the way they make you feel, even long after their time has passed. For a pet lover, a pet portrait is the Best Gift Ever. It’s always a complete surprise to the recipient. So TREAT YOURSELF. or Treat someone else. We all love getting treats.